How to Know If There Are Cavities

One of the most common oral health issues in the world is cavity. Cavities are basically the decayed portions in the teeth. If cavities are not treated on time, they can cause serious infections, toothaches and even tooth loss. We all know how important it is to maintain best of oral health in order to protect overall health. So, preventing and treating the cavities is one of the most important things you can do to protect your oral health.

With that said, it is worth discussing the detection of cavities. There are a few signs that can point at the possibility of existence of cavities in the teeth.

Bad breath
Existence of cavities can be one of the main reasons for bad breath. The reason is that the bacteria find empty slots to get situated in the teeth. The proliferation of bacteria then results in the bad breath. Therefore, when you notice the bad breath becoming chronic even when you brush your teeth and tongue, it’s time to visit the dentist to check for the possibility of cavities.

Bad taste
If you notice the persistence of bad taste even after gargling with the mouth wash, that’s a sign of cavities in your mouth. The reason is same as that discussed in the ‘bad breath’, i.e. deposited bacteria in the decayed portion. So, you need to visit the dentist and get your teeth examined.

Tooth pain
Dental pain is another sign that you may have a cavity. When a cavity is left untreated, the bacteria in the cavity start infecting the inner sensitive part of the tooth. As a result, the tooth pain starts to rise in the infected tooth.

The likelihood of sensitivity is increased in the tooth which would have cavity. Hence, if you are having trouble while drinking or eating hot and cold foods, it might be the problem of sensitivity due to cavity. So, you need to immediately consult your dentist to get your teeth checked for the issue.

Dark portions
This one is quite visible. When a cavity is left unattended for a long time, the cavity in the tooth may start to discolor the tooth. As a result, dark spots might occur on the tooth. When you see such discoloration, you need to visit the dentist immediately.

Holes in the teeth
Cavity in the tooth literally means hole in the tooth. However, when a hole becomes visible, it means that cavity has infected the tooth quite badly. At this stage, it becomes crucial for the cavity to be treated on immediate basis.

This one is the most serious symptom related to cavities. When the cavity worsens, it starts to infect the gums, causing the inflammation to occur. As a result, the pus can start developing in the gums and tooth.